Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy birthday to me!! Excuse me while i - Bleeeurrghhhh

So my birthday was fun! From what I remember I made a complete fool out of myself. My first birthday without my stupid boyfriend! EX BOYFRIEND! But honestly it was also the first birthday in ages where I went out and felt like I had a real solid group of friends, who I could count on to look after me and not judge me, and I could just be myself around.

So back at the flat the drinking started, and I honestly thought it was going to be a major flop. Loads of people cancelled last minute, and my group of mates were late and decided to meet us at Zoo bar in Leicester Square. So my birthday at this point comprised of my two flatmates, who are in a long term relationship, and their mates. I was drunk by the time my two friends had arrived.

I haven't known Daniel and Sam for that long, I only met them a couple of weeks ago at the library where they asked if they could borrow my headphones. We kind of hit it off from there, they just adopted me into there little "crew" as they call it. I love those guys to bits and pieces already.  Initially I think Sam just wanted to sleep with me which we almost did, and i regretted deeply after and told him to back off, but he is really persistent and sulky and knows how to emotionally get at you. Being with him on his own is demanding to say the least. Daniel is the hotter more good looking one. If I was to get with either of them it would be him. (Don't get me wrong Sam is really good looking but he's just too short and too tempermental!)

Anyway this became apparent when I got so drunk at the club I was chucked out and Daniel ended up having to look after me the whole night whilst I tried to seduce him and he politely refused and continued to try and get with my flatmates best mate Anika! Now it's all weird between me Daniel and Sam because  I really want one night together with Daniel (now that I'm sober and its obvious I am rather attracted to him) but I don't know if I want to get with him because Sam will be all you did stuff with me but really you wanted him bollocks, so as much as I want to, I'm going to make a change and stop slagging around and not have any sexual encounters with either of them, and just enjoy hanging around with them like I usually do. Because when it's us three there then it's just us having a laugh and I enjoy looking after them and making sure they are fed and going on drive.

So anyway my Sister seems to be really pissed with me because she saw me all over Daniel and was disgusted at how out of my head I was, despite her having been in that situation a countless number of times before, and tried telling me stories that made me feel so shit about myself, like how evryone was embarassed of me and i ruined everyone's night. Getting back to the flat though was good, becasuse Helen and Norman reassured me eeryone had a good night and everyone was just looking out for me and I added entertainment to the night. I also kissed a boy that I have to see every saturday because i work with him and fell over really badly and have various injuries.

On the plus side I walked (i mean stumbled) around in 10 inch heels the whole night, apparently even chased after the work boy, and survived. not once did I take them off. My ankles are feeling the pain today though.

Anyhoo must get back onto revising, will update on the next cringeworthy story

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