Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"Whatever You Do, Don't Fall In Love With Me"

So I promised that I would have no sexual encounters with Daniel, but it's easier said than done.

So they guys came round to the flat yesterday and I made them both pasta bake. All day Daniel had been tired and short tempered, he even snapped at me, and Sam wasn't helping the situation, he kept winding him up, sponging money off of him, and whinging for no reason. While I was making food Sam and Daniel had a row, because Daniel told him he was annoying him, and Sam took offence and walked out.

So it ended up being Me and Daniel eating my pasta bake on my lovely bed because Helen and Norman were in the living room. So we finished eating and he was lying on the bed falling asleep, and I was watching 8 simple rules. Before I knew it he had his arm around me and we were literally spooning, and he was snoring away.

And, I loved it. I loved having a man's arms around me keeping me protected, hearing the gentle snore in my ear, his breath tickling my neck. I wanted that moment to last forever. I loved how his hands twitched in his sleep, and I like how when he woke up his fingers curled around my hands.

But then he Actually woke up and the games began. He isn't like Sam, he wants someone to beg him for it. He turned on his charm and he started his flirting and he moved so close to me, our lips were almost touching. I swear all I could taste his breath on my tongue. He was so so close. He took a deep breath and moved in closer to me and my heart was beating so hard... and then he nuzzled into my neck and laughed and pushed me off the pilow so he could have it! And then he laughed. He was just so cocky because he knew he had me then, and then I was just Putty in his hands. And I hated it, but I wanted nothing more than to just be with him.

After refusing to give into him for about an hour, he was about to leave. And I couldn't let him go. Eventhough I wanted him to kiss me so badly, I kissed him out of desperation to keep him there. I kissed him, and I meant it. And it was soo great. I didn't feel complete, because I knew he wasn't kissing me for the same reasons, and I kenw I was going to regret this, but the way he held me close to him, and the way he was on top of me so gently but keeping me there firmly up against him, it was so right. Then he picked me up and had me up against the wall. The way he picked me up and moved with such ease, he made ME feel light. He was so strong and focused, and so unlike my ex, who wpuld falter at such a stunt. I felt secure in his arms. When he pushed me up against that wall, it was enough rough to get me turned on, but gentle enough to keep me falling for him. He didn't stop kissing me it was so passionate and I couldn't help it. I forgot everything I told myself I wouldn't do...

He didn't get to see me naked. But I saw him. Certainly. His man thing was HUGE! He was nothing like I'd ever seen before. All I can say was my jaw was hurting a few minutes into it. He would do well in a porno.

He didn't stay after, and he came to quickly. The last thing he said to me before he left was
"Don't fall in love with me"
I made a "Don't be fuckin stupid" look and acted like that was the most stupid thing I had ever heard.
I regretted it as soon as he left. What reasn wuld he have to stay once he got what he wanted?

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