Friday, 25 March 2011

Nothing Special Update

So Mum came to stay on Thursday night. It's been a really weird week because I've spent the week floating, and I feel like it's because I havent seen Sam and Daniel much. When I'm not with them I feel so so so bored! It's kind of annoying me that I've become so attached to them. I always end up doing this, and get too clingy. Totally going to back away next week! BST starts on Sunday!! Wooo, new start! Again (¬_¬)

But yeah, anyway, Mum came to the flat on Thursday night, and it really was just so nice to be able to spend that time away from my hypocritical judgemental take-over-everything Grandparents. I think they have really been stressing her out at home, so it was good for hr to get away too. My health freak Mum even had KFC for dinner! But yeah anyway, I took her to Camden Town today.

When I'm older and doing my own thing, I'd want to have my own apartment just behind Camden Lock Market, by the river. There's just something about the hustle and bustle and the pretty little stalls, and people buyingg random crap that they wouldn't actually go out to buy... I don't know if there was a place that I had to name magical it would have to there. I imagine that one day I'll find my superman there, running past me, by the river while I chucked food to the ducks from my motorbike seat, which will fatefully hit him in the face :)

I came home and my grandparents are mad at my mum for going yesterday and Dad's mad at me and mum for having to be left with hte grandparents on his own and mum's pissed at everyone for not letting her enjoy her time off. Thankgod, I'm working all day at Primark tomorrow, maybe an encounter with Primark Boy will cheer me up :) Okay fine it most definetly, without a doubt, cheer me up, lets just hope I get the opportunity to be in his beautiful presence! Eeek

Oooooh... and I managed to hear from my first ever reader today! thefortunes, whoever you are, thanks sooo much for taking the time out to read my blog, I'm glad you enjoy reading it, and I'll try and sort out this comment thing?! I'm new to this whole blogging thing! Eeeek so exciting, people are reading my words!! 

Oh while I'm thanking readers, thanks to the other 10 anonomous people who have come up on my stats who enjoy reading my blog! :) xxx

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