Monday, 21 March 2011

Superman Candidate?

So I went into work today and the guy that I randomnly kissed when I was drunk on my birthday was doing overtime. I swear i literally cringed when I saw him. He caught my eye and my response first was to say HI and the whole episode just came rushing to me and I literally just died of embarrasment!

Anyway there's this guy in Primark (where I work) that I'm really attracted to. Like it's not just a regular crush, I swear I have my own radar for him, I know when he enters my department, I can just sense it, or whenever he's near by. I can recognise him by the way he walks, and once he ran his fngers through my hair and I didn't even know it was him but an electric shock went through the whole of my body just by his touch. Even the xBF has ever made me feel like that before. When I first met him, he flirted with me shamelessly. He was going on about how he hated being with his girlfriend because all they did was argue and how he thought me and him would get on much better. But I was at that point where I had just broken up with the xBF and so I literally pounced on him, and obsessed over him majorly, and kinda scared him off. Whilst this was partly my fault, and sort of understandable, he said to me that he wasn't looking for anything and that we should just be mates.

I lost interest in him pretty quick after that. Which seemed to have done the trick, because as soon as I stopped chasing him, he seemed to be doing the chasing. He started Whatsapp-ing me randomnly and having full on conversations which we never even had before, and he even invited me up to his university last week. I was going to go and everything, but then Sam and Daniel called just as I was about to leave and asked me where I was going, and in the end they didn't really let me go. Which I don't regret in the slightest. I owed it to them especially Daniel as it was the first time I would of seen him after the drunken night. Anyway I had a really good night with them two.

I thought that Primark boy would have gone off of me again or something, but I saw him right after I saw the boy who I kissed on the drunken night and I blurted out my embarassaing story and he just laughed at me. Ice breaker I believe that was. He invited me up to his next week, but he said he would text me if I could come this week. He seems really keen to see me outside of Primark, but I don't know. He has a girlfriend and I don't really want to go there. It all gets too complicated. I don't know, I guess I'll wait and see if he'll bring the subject up again. I do really like him though, I mean I actually daydream what it'll be like to wake up with him in the mornings! *siigghhhh*

In other news, I went out to my brother-in-law's birthday meal. My sister was being and him was being really nice, so i think they have accepted and gotten over my whole drunken night shizzle! It was really nice because Helen came too and she stayed the night. Such a funny memorable night with nommingness milkshakes and cakes for desert! NOM NOM NOM!!

Anyway, new week new beginnings :) well once this piccadilly line train reaches uxbridge! Grr hate TFL! :(

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