Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Blogs are evil evil evil!!

He came around, and went through my browser history, and found the blog. And he read it. And then he left. I don't think he found it as funny as he expected it to.
By he I mean Daniel.
Least he liked his name.
FML - I googled me and I don't think he can find me. Not that he'd want to read anymore of this shit. He read it up to that point where I had said I was "falling for him". Okay I have a number of posts I want to share with you today, this will be temporary post whilst I makesure my blog is accessible to people but still not to him. He didnt see my url, I don't think, because he read posts while I was logged in on my account. Hopefully it'll be alright :)


  1. I am terrified of the day that 'K' might find my blog..I haven't said much about him yet, but plan on doing so. Private browsing is my way of blogging! That way no-one can find it in your history :) (Tools - Start Private Browsing) Enjoy!

    Bex xox


  2. Aha! Thanks for that tip! Private browsing here I come!