Thursday, 28 April 2011

Couldn't really put this in my own words

Daniel: Kya hua
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: The blogging social network thing, came across my blog and then posted my blog on their FACEBOOK! My blog!!
Daniel: what? Hw cms? N hw u know?
•|»«|• =*: Coz they found one of my posts interesting he commented
Daniel: Loool wa was ur blog about eh
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Oh there was a lot of hits on my blog and I was like wtf is goin on and alll this traffic was coming from fb, so I googled my blog and saw that they had my blog on their wall
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Insanity!!
Daniel: Niceee What was it aboutt
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Ohh jus this and that u kno
Daniel: Looool
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: My ex lol lol
Daniel: Cmon tell me
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: I think he recommended my you only fall in love once post
Daniel: Oooo niceee We'll done
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: :D thabks
Daniel: Rising starr
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Jus think if my blog becomes recognised for real ull b famous
Daniel: I'll*- Loool u never knoww
Daniel: Carry on, jus dnt expect
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: I never expect
Daniel: Achieve greatness n success will follow
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Lol nah u'll b famous
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Ppl jus won't know its you
Daniel: Huuh :S
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Like ull sit on the train one day and someone will b like THAT daniel! Eurgh and it'll b u lol
Daniel: LOL hahaha.. So u gna continue bloggin bout me then eh
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: No
Daniel: hhhmmmmm - Then no recognition for u :p
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Bt ur like the beginning guy imit
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Init*
Daniel: So
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Lol ur a part of it now
Daniel: Yee bt I can easily fade out, no?
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Even if u did u wuda still been a part of it
Daniel: Hmmmm
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: U'll die in abt 100 years bt ull b immortalised in my blog
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Muahahahahhhaha
Daniel: Loooool hahaha lucky meee
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: By beginning guy I mean the guy that was there before the hero comes along
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: So no need to fade out :)
Daniel: Haha what is that guy is a hero in disguise
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Lol
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: Lol my blogs real life not a fairytale
Daniel: Hhmmm
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: What u hmming abt?
Daniel: Carry on thinkinnn
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: I thght u were a realist! and if that was to happen my readers will b very disappointed and I will be ruined I tell you!! My readers r anxiously awaiting an eligible superman!
Daniel: Looool hahah Ur readers will b astonishedd
•|»x.Me.x«|• =*: By what? My supermans impeccable looks and talents? Oh they will b I owe them a good hero! Just gta find him
Daniel: ill help ya look, when I get tha time
So erm yeh :S

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