Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Daniel's Ideal Relationship

 Someone to act like they are actually taken.  someone who will give him their all. Someone who's not up his ass all the time. Someone to give him a little space, relax and enjoy time... Diss eachother, laugh, not take things too seriously... but knowing that there's things she cant and shouldn't do.

He is a controlling freak of a guy. He's so unrealistic in what he wants from a relationship. Talking to him I've gathered that he expects his girlfriend to not talk to any other guys, and expect their world to evolve around him. And I don't care. He is the most unhealthiest type of boyfriend you can have. And I want him. I would do it all for him, without a doubt.

It's coz he's so scared of falling in love. He's scared of having it chucked back in his face. And I don't blame him. Love is the only emotion that can elevate you and then drop you just like that. After what I've been through in the last year, I know why he's scared. I couldn't imagine hurting him.  

This is crazy. This break away from uxbridge was meant to make me forget my feelings for him. FML. Why the fudge do I want him so bad? This is Insane. I'm going to go to bed. WTF????

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