Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ever Get The Feeling That Something Was Meant To Happen??

When I went to bed finally yesterday, the dream I had the night before came back to me.

I dreamt that Helen and the Primark lot had found out about my blog, and one of the girls was really mad about the stuff I had written about her. It was weird because I don't even care to talk to this girl much, and in my dream I saw in my blog where her name was kinda all over it. And I hadn't even written anything bad, just happened to mention her, but she was really mad and I felt like absolute shit. And then yesterday he happened to find it. And I was so scared that he was going to react to it the way that girl did in my dream. Something did change though. The way he reacted to somthing I had written, I knew then that the dynamics had changed. Hmm, things seem that much worse in the morning.

Hmmm, easter soon anywasy, I can finally go home and catch up with my mates. I'm kind of missing them a lot today.

I had another really weird dream today. It started with me and Daniel on a Bench on Hillingdon road watching the traffic go by, and I was telling him about the dream I had about the Primark girl having a problem with my blog. And then for some reason I was on the phone to my ex at the same time, and he got really angry because he was like "you're never going to get over him," and I just cut the phone to my ex, to try and convince Daniel that he was the one I wanted to be with and that nothing in the world, least of all my ex, was going to change that. And i got that same feeling when from my previous dream where I just felt totally and utterly shit. Then Daniel turned into this ugly goliath guy and I was fighting for him harder than when he was Daniel, because in my dream I knew it was still him and I still wanted him just as bad. Then ugly goliath boy turned into Helen and I was continuing tell her about my dream and the blog incident and we were walking through the Brunel pathway and when we came out if it we were somewhere totally on the otherside of uni, and I couldn't remember how we got there. And I stopped telling her about my dream, to ask her how we got there, and she was acting like nothing had happened. Then she turned into my mum and I was on the phone to my ex telling continuing to tell him about my blog story. Then I was going into my mum's house when in my dream I consciously became aware that I was talking to my ex, so I hung up the phone on him and woke up.

Daniel also challenged me to delete my Ex from my bbm. I did. for once the xBf hasn't kicked up a fuss about it and has let it be. That's that then. Maybe it's coz he thinks he won't have to give me the money he owes me then.

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog AND for following :)
    You have a great blog here, I'm always stressing that people are going to find my blog and judge ex messaged me the other day saying "well you've found someone else"..That wasn't a nice feeling...

    Bex xox (following you back sister)