Thursday, 28 April 2011

Meh, You Just Can't Escape It!

So, I'm sitting down thinking, i'm just going to forget my troubles for 20 days and concentrate on studying and revising and passing these exams (which does not really seem likely, the way I'm going) and what topic am I having to revise?? Why, Only Love and Relationships! I guess it was good in a way because it put into words what I already knew about relationships etc. According to this book (and I so not disagree with it at all) I have a preoccupied attachment style, which means I have low self esteem and high interpersonal trust making me strongly desire a close relationship but feels unworthy of the partner and therefore vulnerable to rejection. So to be in a proper relationship I need to improve my self esteem, therefore it only followed that I went out and got my nails done :D. They are all nice and beatiful now :) Anyway, so yeah according to Pyschologists Baron and Bryne, think people like me are more likely to fall in unrequited love, which I guess I am. *sigh*

Also, this chapter is like a god send! It has like the ingredients to make a perfect relationship. Just like God isn't it, to send me this just a little too late. Like rubbing salt into the wounds, it's very His style.

The ex has been back in touch yet again, claiming that he's going to win me back. He asked me what it is that he has to do to win me back. I told him to listen to The Man Who Can't Be Moved by the Script. He replied, the girl didn't even show, he sat there for days and days, and she didn't show. I'm not going to waste my time. That's his problem, I keep trying to tell him that we are on different wavelengths and that I want so much more than what he has to offer. He is so frustrating, he just keeps telling me I won't let him put it right, he wants me to accept him back, let him be my boyfriend again and then he'll get on with changing. He just can't get it through his thick skull that it doesn't work that way. He is sooo frustrating.

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