Monday, 18 April 2011


I've finished my weekend shifts at Primark, so I'm going to be at home for the longest period of time since christmas. And I hardly saw the family then due to my Swine Flu and Grandad being in hospital. It's been a lot harder even for the small amount of time I am home in the weekends, since my grandad's been home. Don't get me wrong, I love my Grandparents, but they have the tendency to overtake the house everytime they are here, and forget they are guests in my Dad's house. It's hard for me to come home and see my Dad be undermined by my Grandad, and to see my grandma unsettle the dynamics of our household by her manipulative ways. I come home vry weekend to my very stressed out parents who use every opportunity they get to vent their frustrations pent up from week. I've been working pratically all weekend, but the few hours I have been at home, I've just heard more and more stories of how they've done this that or the other. It annoys me that my Mum can't leave the house and have a good time with her friends without getting emotionally blackmailed by my grandmother. And it further annoys me when my parents do anything and everything for them and they show no gratitude, and have just coem to expect it. On the other hand, a small gesture by one of the other three of their kids, and it's like the whoel world should stop and applaude them. I'm glad I've come hoem though, My mum seems so happy that I'm here, and even my Dad seems more cheery than usual. It must be hard for them too getting used to not having both their kids in the house all the time. She called me after I finished work telling me I have bread to eat when I get home, and she's made me my fave Biriyan (NOM) and she's been giving me kisses non-stop. She can't stop smiling. I wish I could do this for her more often. I miss being in the house when it's just me mum dad and my sis. Even when my sis comes around occasionally, my grandad will keep an eye on her and watch where she goes in the house. It's not fair, right nor necessary. They are here till August. Weekdays I guess are going to be the hardest. That's when I'm going to have to sit there, and answer my grandmothers a billion questions. I guess I should't complain, she must enjoy having company, but when she starts talking about the boy from India (who I'm marrying some point in my life apparently) I cant help but feel the conversation was just a build up to that point, and it annoys me. And her million repetitive questions, I don't know if I can take that on top of my last minute revision. And I can't sit in my room, because then she'll just sit there and complain how they don't ever see me, but if I sit downstairs, her million questions will drive me mad. One sigh or one wrong answer and that's it she'll start getting all emotional. And i'm sure my grandad will be watching me closely to makesure I do all the cleaning and the washing that I'm supposed to be doing. Gosh I miss the flat already. I'll have a more meaningful post when I'm procrastinating. Oh and I'll update on Daniel tomorrow! I'm too tired, and there's not much to tell, so it can wait! Goodnight x

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