Thursday, 28 April 2011

So, What If Everyone's Right?

Daniel called me yesterday following me telling him about my clear well thought out planned defintions for love. Actually no, he asked me to call him, and I called him. I was in bed all comfy and all, having a very intriguing conversation with him, it almost reminded me of the times I used to talk to my ex under the covers so my parents wouldn't hear. But this was having conversations that mattered. We somehow ended up talking about how the world began and religion and the world.

The way I see it, is that there is a God. He made the world, the solar system, the universe. But there must have been a way that he created these things, it can't have just appeared, so he created the big bang. And from the big bang was all this dust. In the bible, it says that God made Adam out of dust dirt or soil or something, and that he blew life into it. Maybe he blew life into the dust that was created from the big bang, and in doing that made little bits of bacteria, the first forms of life, from which we have evolved according to Darwin. I'm not too clued up on all the details of Darwin's theory, but to keep it general, God created evolution to bring us here now. And yeah that took billions of years, but time is nothing to him. And maybe people once upon a time, when all the land was on and not segregated by the seas, believed in one thing, until people started to segregate and find different ways to worship God. And people's race are just an indication of where they were in world and when the world started splitting, they stuck with people that looked similar and to keep social order, as we became more advanced thinkers, religion was used and manipulated, because it was the underlying most powerful resource that we had. Maybe people started realising that we live and we die, and started to become more selfish. We stopped functioning for the scoiety and there was a breakdown, and religion was made to make people think there was a greater purpose, and it gave the people a reason to keep functioning and adapting, so that God's plan can still go on, so that we still continue evolving.

I don't believe in a religion. And Daniel might be right. People are basing their decisions, and their whole life on one person's interpretation. Maybe he could be the starter of a new religion. He certainly has that leader quality down and mastered. But most people are sheep. He believes that people will be much more happier if they stopped thinking about other people and did what they wanted to do. But if the masses did that, more and more people would do more and more outrageous things to suit themselves, and where would social order.

Then we talked about Love. He asked me that if me and him had a kid and we never taught it about love and relationships and what not how would it be. I told him that our love for him, (because if me and him had a kid, it would be a boy) would be so strong so he would stil experience love. And one day he'll find a girl and he will feel this magentic attraction towads her, and if anything he'd be just unprepared, but he'll pick it up. Love is natural and as inevitable as death. He then asked me that what if our whole generation did this. Didn't tell our kids about religion or love. I said we would create a bunch of delinquent children in the masses, that will eventually lead to the extinction of the human race.

Then a spider came and I had to get rid of it. I had a massive panic attack and managed to stamp on it. Then the moment was over. Our out of this world convo came to an end. We talked some more, and he started to talk to me all dirty, and for once I found myself cringing and not engaging in it. And I didn't even have to think about it, it was natural for me to have that response. I'm glad I'm finally getting back to myself. I talked to him for nearly two hours. Was really weird because half way through the conversation I got a call waiting from him, when i was on the phone to him. Like how the fuck can that happen? And the spider was appeared at the most weirdest of time, and it was just by chance that I happened to see it. I was just weird during that conversation. The words just came to me. And liek when he mentioned the thing about not telling oru kids about love, when I was "revising" I was thinking the same thing. That I wouldn't let my child be exposed by something so cruel, but that thought went as quickly as it came. I realised it's not fair for me to hold him (or her) back from the inevitable. Love can be the best and most rewarding thing about life. What more could you want for your child than for them to feel wanted and needed. I can only tell them as much about it as possible so they are prepared. But the conversation I had it was like all the answers were prepared for that moment. Like when he asked me about race and why god made people different colours. I've never thought about but in that moment a memory came to me from when I was younger and I asked my grandad the same question and he said that it just turned out that way because some people were clsoer to the sun and others weren't.

There was just something about the conversation that was meant to be. It had fate written all over it. I don't know why, but there it is. Only time will tell.

There was some things he said, that sounded like he'd been reading my blog. Like some of the things he said, I swear it was worded exactly the same way I had said somethings like in the post about Fate. But he can;t have read it. He can't get onto it without my laptop. He asked if i had blogged more. I don't know, maybe he was just talking to me because his girlfriend was out clubbing all night.

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