Saturday, 30 April 2011

To Be Told Or Not To Be Told

So I was talking to my sister yesterday after work coz she was round ransacking my room getting al her stuff out. Anyway she came across a cd that was recording of a 30 minute reading she had with a psychic. And all the things she said to her was true. Like she said everything about dad and how he is and it was so true. The reading was made like in November and all that's been said has been true so far. She's a psychic in Selfridges and its about 90 quid. And I'm really considering going. But I mean 90 quid is a bit much, but what am I expecting to hear?? I mean it would be so cool to share my reading with you guys and see if it plans out the way she says. But what if she tells me that I'm going to experience a lot of rejection and be single for a years to come. My quest for superman will just be for nothing. I'd rather live through it in hope thinking love is just around the corner. But I want to hear what she has to say about all the other people in my life and how she sees previous experiences have affected me and where she sees me headed. It'd b so interesting to see if she's right. And if she is right then what would it say about fate and my theories. Maybe the experience can give me some insight into how people do this. I'll give nothing away. I'll book my appt under a different name and everything tell her my real name only when I get there, but then agn maybe not. I'll jus go with the flow. I've made up my mind. I'm going to do it. It seems right. Maybe even knowing that no man being in my life for the next couple of years can mean I can move on from this fantasy and concentrate on doing something more worthwhile right? Right! I'm gonna du it! Eeek
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