Wednesday, 6 April 2011

When Do You Stop Having Fun And Become A Slag??

I've made a change. I'm not slagging around anymore. And I'm sticking to it. I've accepted that I can never get a guy like Daniel to be mine. I need a man to take care of me and someone I can take care back of. Someone I can point to and say yeah, he's my man.

So I had the plan of revising yesterday, but once I had cleaned and bathed and straightened my hair, Sam and Daniel called me to go out, and I spent the day with them in Feltham. We went to Chiquito's for dinner and some arcade and then Frankies and Benny's for the Hot Waffle Toffee Crunch! Do not die without having this dessert! It's the best!

Sorry, while I was writing this post, Daniel called and he came around. We spent some time in the flat while I got ready, and said that I looked hotter than usual :). He also said that if he was not with his girlfriend he would have slept with me, which isn't what I really want to hear. I'm not being his sex buddy. I need more from him. I'm hoping that if I bide my time then maybe one day he might fall for me. Will I really be that lucky though? No. He bought me my slouch jeans from River Island today. And he hung out of my window and stole me letters that are stuck outside my building that and stole me the letters that make up my initials. Then me Sam and Daniel went to uni and played football. Yes I kicked the ball. Yes I was good. I was better than Sam =D! lol. I haven't ran around that much for the past year I tell you! It felt good to be really a part of them especially when things were so up in the air last week. I touch wood that atleast I can call them my friends for a while yet.

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