Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Why Did It Have To Be You

Everything happens for a reason, but I fail to understand why fate bought Daniel to my blog. Well its not fate, no actually it was my bloody browser history.

If you've been following my story, you would understand why I wouldn't want him out of all people to know I'm Miss Superman. But he did his all emotional blackmail crap, where he questioned my trust and asked to know what was in it that was so bad that I had to hide it from him. I couldn't tell him that in my blog I had mentioned a couple of times how I may have been slightly falling for him, or how big his cock was :$.

Amongst other things. I really didn;t want him to know that I may have been developng feelings for the idiot, because I wouldn't want anything jeopardising ur friendship first. He seems to have taken it all rather well, and read with some interest, but he did read something which made him change his whole manner towards me and made him want to leave. It was the post where I was talking about falling for him, the guy and girls cant be friends one. I think.

He asked me why I named him Daniel. I didn't tell him it was inspired from Ugly Betty. Throughout the whole of that show, Betty and Daniel were friends, and he looked out for her and he was her friend and she his. They cared about eachother a lot and always had eachother's back. And for me to have him as my Daniel is all I really ask for. I know I had feelings for him, but that doesn't mean I'm going to act on it. I know I'm not the type of girl a lot of people want to be with. Yes Daniel realises at the very end once Betty has found herself and what she wants to do with her life, that he wants her and only her. I don't ever expect that to happen (well not until he has a dozen other relationships and nearly gets married) but the way Betty saw Daniel for the majority of the show is how I see my Daniel. That's not a bad thing is it?  And all he wanted to know was what sexual stuff I had written about him. Pfft. Just goes to show where his minds at. And to be quite honest I am quite pissed at him, because I pratically begged him not to read it. And he did it anyway. My blog's the one place where I can just rant on and on and on, without really being judged and therefore be completely honest. Anyway there's noway he can find my blog without my login again because he didn't see the url because I was logged in and he saw the posts in edit and he has a memory of a fish and you cant find me on google unless you search the url. So im good :) Just Delete My History!! Grr hopefully.

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