Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fading out - Serious Withdrawal Symptoms

If he wants to back off out of my life, it is his decision. It is not like I'm actively persuing him. I don't need him, and I don't rely on him. If I had ever fallen for him, then I have very much climbed back up, thankyou very much. I know how to protect myself, and I am very much not going to put myself in such a vulnerable position for a guy who is just so up himself and arrogant. He does not have to reply to me and he can go about his stupid life. And if he does ever decide to reply to me, fuck it, I am NOT replying to him! Pretentious Git. Eurgh! If I ever dream that he dies again, I will not bat an eyelid. I will not wake up in a state of panic! I will just continue going about my dream business. People who take things for granted (N). Least I don't have to see him ever ever again. Eurgh. Right thats it, after this post, I am not getting wound up about him anymore. Done. Stupid! How can he just say something like "What if he is the hero in disguise" and then fuck off and not look back. No explanation. No nothing. Gone. Now I'm Done. Now. One more moment of feeling totaly annoyedingness! Right Now! Prick

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