Monday, 2 May 2011

My lucky Superman T-shirt!

So I found a superman T-shirt and i'm wearing it, and I have to say I rock it pretty damn well. Was talking to Steve abt Daniel today, asking him what he thought his problem was. Yes I know I said it would no longer bug me! But it did and it does. So whilst revising today (didn't go into work yet again Whoops) all these things that I could bbm Daniel just kept coming to me. I typed quite a few out too, like where have u been hiding, or where have u disappeared to? but they all sounded too needy and clingy so i deleted it and left it. I thought I was being so strong, because the old me would have written something and sent it without thinking how it would come across to the other person.

And then he called me.

Asking to find out if I'm coming back today, and to give him a call when I do get there so he can have his watch back, because he feels lost without it.

Least I might get to see him today. Or maybe he'll get his watch back and he can fade out without ever having to look back.

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