Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards.

I was so very chuffed when Bex author of  Sucker for Fashion thought I was worthy enough to be mentioned on her blog under her stylish blogger award. Right back at you sister! Her blog is amazing, and whether you like or dont like my blog, you are sure to love hers.

I would like to also award my BFF (:$)  Theiveena Nirvana (lol) with one of these, because her blog is very much out of this world. She has a very contemporary way of writing, and she is the cutest little doll like thing ever in this world. Check out her blog too A Slut for Summer (not sure I approve of this title, but there it is lol) MY two biggest fan I believe

Other Blogs that you should check out include:
Akanksha hello
Ana The Imp

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