Sunday, 10 July 2011

Marley and Me

I know what's missing in my life now! A dog. A little bitty dog can give me everything and more than I could possibly ask for from my potential superman. Though ofcourse I wouldn't name my dog or associate it in any way with Superman in case his life is tainted by the superman curse. I'd call him Jericho. Jerry for short. And he'd be the colour of Jerry the mouse in Tom and Jerry.

I'd have him as a puppy and we'd go everywhere together. To the flat, back to east london every week, to London, I'll take him to Hyde Park and for walks down Southbank. Take him with me when I go for my runs. So much fun :) Someone to wait for me until I get home. Ahhh I want a dog :( I wander if mum will ever let me :S

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