Saturday, 2 July 2011

So annoyed!

So go into work thinking yeah gotta go back to the flat today, get things ready for tomorrow. Told home that I have a wedding on sunday that I have to go to. In my way into work I saw the perfect little pressie for him and it was only like a fiver so I thought why not, got the card and stuff. I call him in my afternoon break and he turns around and goes yeah its probably gonna flop. He could have atleast told me. This coming from the person who promised me that we would go no matter what and asked me when he has ever let me down when I looked at him skeptically. Now I'm sitting on the bus after he tells me to give him half an hour to let me know if I should go uxbridge or not, about an hour and a half ago. His last msg was "one second" and I'm still waiting. Honestly he must think I have nothing better than for me to revolve the world around him. I spent 5 years doing that for my ex, I don't plan on continuing. Okay venting done. :)
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