Friday, 8 July 2011

Twilight Crazy

When I read the Twilight series the first couple of times, I was in a relationship with a boyfriend who hardly gave a fudge. I loved Edward because he did more for Bella without hesitation, almost like second nature, tham my boyfriend ever would even if I had begged him. After getting out of that relationship, and the whole getting over him process, I finally plucked up the coruage to read this series again, and I found myself really despising the Edward Bella relationship. I don't know if it was the film that made me hate it so much (Kristen Stewarts amazingly expressionless and forced acting, and Robert Pattinson's acting becoming excruciatingly intense in comparison) or if it was just how clingy and unrealistic it seemed. Like the way he won't let her do ANYTHING and the way she just goes along with it, really does my head in.

The last time I read Eclipse I felt it had a sad ending, because, Jacob should have got Bella. I understand and connect with his pain more than I understand the relationship between Edward and Bella.

I wander if I can ever read this book and go back to having the same reactions I did as when I first read it.

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