Friday, 22 July 2011

'When you meet someone who changes your opinions, you have grown'

There's a guy that I have come to know really well over the past few months. He's Helen's and Norman's friend, and I shall introduce him to you as Billy. He is a very image conscious typically clique-y Slough boy. He is the type of person that has the need to feel he has the best of everything and boasts a lot about certain aspects of his life. I think he does it because he feels insecure about himself, and he seeks for people to envy him, because he doesn't feel appreciated enough maybe? I don't know.

Anyway he recently stopped talking to Norman and Helen recently. I don't know for what reason, but they have been friends for ages, and just like that they stopped talking. It was weird, for me for a while, because he had been talking to me for a while, asking me questions about their relationship, and then he cut them out. I think much of it, is how much they have changed. Like it is hard to be in the presence of Norman and Helen without feeling envy for their perfect life, espeically for a guy like him. And even without a Helen being in the equation, it's like being friends with Norman must be hard if he is one that will forever compare himself to him. Norman and Billy are two very different type of people. Norman has a natural presence, but so could Billy, should he jus let go of the green monster clouding his judgement.

When I found out about the whole situation between them three, I wasn't surprised that it had happened though to be honest. I was surprised that he still continued to talk to me though. It's weird though. With him theres all this stuff going on behnd the scenes. In his head he sees the world kind of like how I do, but I've wandered for a while if he's a bit tortured by his own thoughts. I asked Helen about it once, hinting that maybe he just needs his friends to push through for him, might wake him up a bit, but she was, quite rightly, offended by his actions to kind of see what I was banging on about.

Anyway, I once asked him about blogging and gaining traffic last year or something (one of masny failed first attempts), and he bought it up today, because he wanted to blog and kept bugging me to see mine. Obviously there was no way I was ever going to let him so into my life. But I wanted to humour him so I asked him what if he could tell me absolutely everything about himself. And when we got talking he told me about his childhood, and how he thinks certain ways of his upbringing has kind of made him a little scared about what he might become, waiting for it to catch up with him. And I kind of know what he means, feeling like you can't trust your own actions. The slightest thing can just mess your head up and change your perspective completely.

Then he randomnly decided to go for a walk in the evening, which was something he had scoffed at me for doing a couple of days ago, and now he's asking for tips on the best places to wander. Then we got to talking about theories of why we're here and all the shizz about how we have come to be. It was funny because he was like asking me where any of the stuff needed to make universe came from in the first place. Something I should probably think about since I haven't before. Anyway, so he went of for his jog, and I had a sudden urge to look up his horoscope for today. And freakily enough it goes:

"Someone enters your life who is likely to make big changes — or help you to do so. It may be as simple as one question that starts you off on a voyage of self-discovery, so listen up!."

Seeming as his was so accurate I was curious to look up mine

"Some people hate it when questions are answered with questions, but you don’t mind so much — especially on a day like today. In fact, you likely prefer questions to answers for now!"

I was quite impressed with these horoscopes actually. So I went on to further divulge in their predictions of my life and I found this weekly ovrview :

Your generosity with affection and your honesty regarding emotions has enormous ripple effects as the week gets started. Dreams can come true now, perhaps in particularly unexpected ways! Life and love are a bit of a puzzle, though, around Wednesday and Thursday, and you might be missing a key piece. The person or occurrence you think has the answer probably doesn’t. Look within, and get ready for things to make a lot more sense starting Friday. You can write your own ticket now. So where do you want to go?

And it couldnt have been more true. I'll take you through it in my next blog post :) Another Failed Superman

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