Saturday, 13 August 2011

Well I had a feeling this would happen.

So I had my suspicions confirmed today. I knew it, and I should trust myself more. Bernard has been off with me for a while, but considering my last post it all makes sense now. My last post makes it seem like I've given up on him. Either way, today I was talking to him, and said playfully that superman flew me home from work. He said huh who's superman - which isn't usually like him because he usually plays along.
"Huh, so your not superman?"
"New man on the scene?" - and that's when I knew he knew about my quest for superman. 

I asked him straight out, not to tell me any lies and asked him if he knew miss superman was. He didn't give me a straight answer. Wish he would. But I know he knows who she is, who I am. these were his various replies to the question "do you know who miss superman is?"
"Being a vigilante has a lot of sacrifices...I've had lots of hopes for one"
"There is no sooperwoman" To which I replied there is a Miss Superman
"Life is complex, very complex. I don't want to put my name to something that may not be able to live upto"
"Do you know who she is?" - "I knew" -

Suggesting he knew, but now he no longer wants to know. His answers, answer my unspoken questions. He has given up on me, just like I knew he would. 

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