Monday, 26 September 2011

The London Eye

I'm spending the day with Norman and Helen in central. Norman had a photography job on so we booked a room at County Hall Marriot. We're all staying here tonight and the view from the window is amazing. There's a little window sill and the window opens out and u can sit out on the ledge and you would be right next to the london eye, over looking the tiny little park where me and Jimmy (the XBF) once spent the day on the swings. I remember he was at first too 'man' to go on the swings but I soon bought out the child in him and he was having so much fun! More than me! I wish I could have this view all my life! I'm gonna spend the whole night on this window ledge. I don't want to miss a moment of it! The lit up london eye and the non stop hustle and bustle. The little cars and the miniature people. The glittering river.. I want to sneak out when they go to sleep and but if Norman knew he would probably go insane and flp out, so I'll settle for my window ledge. Beautiful London. I wish Jimmy was with me so I could walk with him hand in hand down south bank. Aaah big ben chimes :D
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