Thursday, 6 October 2011

The World Is Full Of People Trying So Hard To Be Misunderstood.

Last year when I was doing my placement at the school in Southall, I made a really good friend, let's call him Krish. He's very spiritual, like one of those Hare Krishna's. We used to spend evenings every week after school doing something really random, like roaming central trying to find a place to eat. A couple of times he took me to the Krishna Consciousness Temple, and it was very emotionally challenging for me. That's really another issue from my childhood, when my grandparents decided to go from being very strict Hindu's and converting literally over night to Jehovah's Witnesses and using me as bait to convert the rest of the family. It's a bit twisted and but one day I'll explain the whole twisted ways of my family to you. Today is not the day of that story. Anyway, Krish is like me in a lot of ways; he can be awkward in many situations, like knowing what to see. Like me around new people we end up stumbling over our words and kind of laughing nervously.  He's just lucky enough to have found his spiritual path, and he inspires me like no other person ever has. When I met him, I was in the "dark days" and his spirituality helped me not so much to leave Jay but to find myself and be strong on my own two feet.

Since I left the school to start up uni again, I had lost touch with him, and yesterday was the first time I had seen him in ages. He was so sweet, he knows how much I love cream cakes so he bought me a slice on the way to pick me up. On the first day after school when he dropped me home, we sat outside in his car and talked for hours and hours and hours. I wander how things would have turned out if I didn't have those hours with Krish. Time with him kept my mind off of Jay and opened up my mind to what else existed out there. We talked about God, Life, Time, Souls, and there's something so supernatural in the atmosphere when we're together. The thing about Krish that draws me to him aside from his spirituality, was that like me he's still trying to find his way even though he has Krishna. It's like we met at crossroads and we both helped each other down this one path. I know now that it was Fate who bought me to Krish. 

Anyway we had the most amazing night. We ended up driving to Soho, to a Curzon Cinema to watch a documentary about some guy who donated a lot of money or something to the Krishna Consciousness. We spent as long as we took driving there, looking for a place to park. By the time we got there we had missed the film, but was just in time for another film called Melancholia.

*** Major Spoiler Alert *** If you plan on watching this film stop reading now, though I certainly ain't recommending it.

So we went and sat in the cinema, and I'm anticipating some really deep meaningful story. The first 5 minutes is basically a slideshow of pictures, and your like OMG what the hell does it all mean, and your immediately captivated. But it was accompanied with all this really loud music that almost makes me want to cover my ears. At the end of this little introduction the this planet crashes into Earth and the music just stops and there's a really deep beating bass vibrating around us, and it was epic. After that it was just down hill. The film was in two parts, and I didn't know if the girl was depressed or a schizophrenic at times. And there were these sexual scenes where she just gets on top of this guy in the middle of the field in her wedding dress and starts humping him literally, and it was the most awkward situation sitting next to Krish and watching it. It's like ahhhhhhhhhhh please let another plant come and hit the Earth now pleasseeee. About 10 minutes into the film, we realise he introduction was pretty much the summary of the whole film, and watching it just became pointless. And every time something in the film happened that was directly the same in the introduction, the same piece of music (I think it was some Beethovan symphony) kept playing, all loud and it was really beginning to irritate me. The story wasn't moving forward, it's like they were all just stuck, none of the characters grew, no resolution at all. It was just a "we're going to die" so lets do random things and pretend everyone knows why we're doing it, even though they don't and if they get close to figuring it out, I'll surprise them and lie naked in the grass in them middle of the night. Eurgh anyway by part 2 Krish was laughing so much. I could feel him shaking in his chair, and it would set me off. A sentiment not much appreciated by the very serious people around us. In the end the characters are caught on fire finally; Earth is obliterated by this big planet and the cinema is plunged into darkness and its so silent after all that loud music. All i can hear is the ringing in my ears, and then I hear Krish laughing and it makes me burst out laughing! This film made me laugh more than any other comedy. The credits roll and Krish and I leave pretty quickly, and people are sitting there actually gobsmacked and in utter disbelief. Me and him must have really missed some deep underlying message. :S 

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