Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tired of Fighting The Tide

So my "date" wasn't as perfect as I imagined it to be. For one, he was late. Which wasn't so bad for me because it was raining and I was sitting in Starbucks, and this realy nice Greek looking European Guy bought me hot chocolate and we sat and talked about ways to style you hair of all things. It was such a random thing, but then Lee came like an HOUR later and I had to leave.

He seemed really apologetic, and gave me a big hug. He really reminds me of the Bollywood actor Amir Khan, and I literally fell in love with him all over again there and then. He did the whole never losing contact, always holding my hand thing again. It wasn't the same as monday night, in the sense that he didn't seem as sweet as then, there was more sexual tension in the air. At first he kept his arm around me and right when we were walking down a busy street, he would just stop and kiss me. But like when we were getting the train and stuff he would be a little all over me. We went to the odeon in Marble Arch and watched that Tintin film.

I was really dreading it because I thought he was going to be one of them guys who would be all over me and at this point I kind of just wanted to leave. But when we got in he insisted we sat right at the front and he kept his arms around me and he really did just sit and watch the film. He ocassionally turned to give me a kiss, but that changed my mind a little bit about him, because maybe I was just being too cynical. After the movie we went to a chinese restraunt and he ordered for me. He's really different to my ex in the way that he takes charge. Anyway he was meant to go work that night, but he said he didn't want to leave me, and to be honest I didnt want him to leave me alone tonight. On the way home he carried me in his arms through the train station and everyone was looking, but I was just unbelievably flattered by the whole night.

On the train journey home, he started telling me about his past, half of which I don't believe and half of which I don't even care about, possibly because he's not someone I see me being with for the long term. He is a nice guy and maybe this could work but theres too many things dodgy about him. He told me he used to be engaged to this girl, who is pratically all over his facebook still, so there is some unfinsihed business there. There's scars on his body that coincide with his being shot story and being stabbed story. But right now I'm going with the what I see is what I get, I have no desire to get to the bottom of the truth etc. Maybe I'm just not that into him?

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