Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Children are magic.

I started my new placement today. I didn't expect to start so soon, but on new years eve I got the email telling me that istarted on the third. I really was not looking forward to it, beause one; I had been working long hours at primark over the bank holiday and was looking forward to a few lazy days, and two; this placement really wasn't what I wanted to do, but I just accepted it because nothing else was coming through for me.

I woke up today just in time to not have to rush. Soon as I stepped outside the wind nearly blew me back inside; it was so strong. And the rain was just disgusting. Having an umbrella up just made the situation worse, it was such a battle getting to my first day a work. I had that feeling that I should just turn around and go home. I walk into the room where all the other students were and who do I say, than none other than this girl who really really does not like me. I think we both had the same reaction when we sa each other, our faces mirroring each others. This day just kept getting worse for me. There were a few other girls there too, and one I started talking to them, it was a bit more bearable.

After a lot of waiting around I finally got into my class. I was expecting to go into a year 10 class, but instead I ended up going into a year 8 class. The children suffer from all sorts of disabilities from down syndrome to autism or are just global developmental problems. Where I had my last class of thirty in a mainstream primary school, I was quite daunted of the idea of being in this classroom. I walked in and the kids were so welcoming and so much more "normal" than I expected! They ain't much difficult at all, and most of the other students I work with are quite genuine. I might just enjoy my time at this place. How often will I get a chance to help such amazing children? I'm going to put my all into this placement. I have to. It's the only positive and solid I have going for me right now. I'm going to hold onto it as the energy to fuel my attempts to better myself as a person

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