Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Rob's clean slate

So far he's not doing too well because I'm running a little late. I told him I'm on the train and that I was nearly at central and he's all questioning how I have reception if I'm on the train at central as if he's caught me out on a lie. I was like national rail to liverpool street, get over it. He thinks he's so clever. One step ahead of u babycakes. Eurgh...

So he picked me up from wembley park station in his very bright gold car and its so far quite normal... Talking about crap...

Well I spent a load of money on myself. He was criticising every shop I wanted to go into, calling it dusty and cramped etc, and he went into his armani exchange and gucci and burberry shops like he went into there out of habit. Sometimes I get the feeling he just goes into these shops just to make more of a point, purely based on how he acts in when he goes in, like he's just trying to spend enough time before leaving. He's said that he's getting me the black adidas trainers with the red bow tongue for christmas. Which got me excited, I knew he was going to get them for me anyway, and I gave him a clue of what I was going to get him and he was like aw thanku, least I said thanku. Which fair enough I didn't really say oh thanku Rob for getting me something I really want, but it's not the most important thing I should be thanking him for really.

He had a few I don't approve of ur behaviour raised eyebrow look when I called him a pig. He was asking for it with all his not so funny jokes. He dropped me to the station and he hasn't called me since. 3 days into the new year and even our 2 month anniversary was yesterday, but he was way too busy to pick up the phone and call me. Oh my bad he did call me in the middle of the night at around 2am, an hour later than when he said he would call, on the night I had work early. What annoyed about my ex was that I meant very little to him in his life and I've gone into another relationship where I'm in the exact same position still. It bothered me more when my ex did it to me though, I loved him, Rob doesn't love me and I don't love him.
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