If You're Confused About Who I'm Talking About, It's All Here

Anika - Helen's best friend. Also had a slight thing with Daniel on my birthday. Really possessive over Helen and gets on my nerves because she is so reserved with me for no reason (¬_¬)

Bernard - Boy I went school with, had a brief summer inbetween - (friends and lovers) - ship recently which didnt end on the best of terms. Basically because I don't trust him.

Billy - Helen and Norman's friend, well used to be, till they drifted apart, but I have some interesting conversations with the guy still.

Daniel - Met him in March, had a huge crush on him - all blown over now. LOL It's complicasted will fit in nicely here

Dave - Boy I went to school with, bestfriends with Henry, though the term bestfriend is a bit of an understatement

Dylan & co. - Random people from a night out at Institute

ExBf/Jay/Jimmy - Pretty Self explanatory. My Ex boyfriend.

Greg - My Best Friend since school! 

Helen - My flatmate, and bestfriend

Henry - Guy I had a huge crush on when I was in school, and ended up becoming really good friends with by the end of my school years and ever since then.

Jack - Helens high school friend. Could have been something, but turns out he's a prick.

Krish - The Teacher of the class I was an assistant in when I did my placement at a school in Southall, and became very very good friends with

Mandy - Helen's Friend

Norman - Helen's Boyfriend

Sam - Daniel's best mate, had a flingish thing with him when we first met, but soo over that now. He's sweet, but can be rather annoying and creates countless number of awkward situations

Sarah - My cousin, one year younger than me, but is everything I wish I could be. Funny, easy going, makes friends easily, clever, a dancer. 

Steve - Cousin of my Ex. We used to be really close, helping eachother through our difficult relationships. Also there was a slight something between us but that fizzled out pretty damn quick.

Toby - My Hamster.