So, like, it is what it is.

So Basically, the way it works is like this. I keep my identity all unknown and shizz so that I can write what I want without being judged on it. It allows me to be honest 100%. Despite all my efforts to pretend that I don't care what people care, I do. So while you can judge my actions etc blah blah blah because you can't actually match a face to the name (only a pair of really good looking boobs) it won't really directly affect me. Well this is what I'm telling myself to convince me to keep on going with it all.

Anyhoo, in addition to posting my life ramblings and using this blog to moan about how unfair my life is, as I do, I have also set up another blog where I can post about my dreams alongside what's going on in real life. It'll probably be a whole load of random shizz, but I really do have such vivid dreams and Helen loves hearing about them, but I forget them too soon. So yeah Dreamsplog is where you'll find my subconscious talking to me. It's more of a little experiment thing to me anyway. I'll attempt to blog as soon as I wake up so as to remember as much of the details as possible and see how it correlates with real life, figure out if I'm trying to tell myself anything that I'm too scared to realise in my wakeful state. Should be interesting :S